Enjoy free access to a secured digital network for your students, their parents, and yourself! With ONE Discovery, you and your class* can test out ONE’s features for an unlimited time. You can also read all our guides to help your students learn how to use the platform.

The Discovery offer includes the following features:

  • Communicate with your students and their parents directly via a secure Mailbox.
  • Everyone will save time by submitting their digital files to the platform’s 200 MB Filespace app.
  • With Text Notebook, you can keep a daily journal of the lessons you’ve studied in class.
  • Are you planning a field trip? Write a Blog post to tell your students’ parents about the log your class will make about the trip.
  • With Multimedia Notebook, ONE’s interactive slideshow app, your lessons will come to life!
  • The Document File app lets you send homework to your students’ list of assignments.
  • With My Account, you can teach students about digital identity and how to protect their data online.

*If you would like to use ONE for more than one class in your school, sign up for ONE Classic or ONE Premium.

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