ONE and NEO,

Two solutions in one network

ONE has an older sibling called NEO, a collaborative network designed for middle schools and high schools. From preschool to senior year, students and parents can use the same navigation and sharing system. Teachers at an elementary school can design educational projects in collaboration with a middle school to help students ease into the next phase in their education.


Interfaces and services

adapted to the students’ age


While ONE and NEO operate according to the same principles, NEO features a new interface and services! Middle school and high school students have a more streamlined interface and applications that are appropriate for their level.

Seamless transitions

from preschool to senior year

As students grow, the way they use their educational network changes with each passing year.


I can go through an audio album or learn stories all by myself with the Multimedia Notebook. I can show my family what I did that day and add comments through the class Blog.

Elementary school

I can take ownership over my virtual learning environment and learn how to make information that concerns me either public or private. I can create my own content and add comments to other students’ projects. In class, I can work as a team with other students.

Middle school

I can complete multimedia exercises prepared by my teacher at home. I can also work on group assignments on my own and away from school. Finally, I can learn how to use social networks by adding my motto and information on my mood.

High school

My teachers put up assignments on NEO. I can complete them at my own pace and make a list of questions I want to discuss in class. I can use apps to organize my study sessions. I can prioritize information and share it with other students.

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