Make communication and collaboration
in your school easy with ONE


Bring all your digital services together in a single secure space that is open to your entire community


Communicate with families more easily and encourage their involvement by highlighting classroom activities


Take your school's digital usage to the next level thanks to the VLE’s quick and easy onboarding process.

Services for all age ranges


ONE has cut my administrative work in half. I can send all my news updates, important messages, and documents meant for my team or students’ families through this secure virtual learning environment. I can decide which apps users can access and set specific communication rules between users.


I incorporate multimedia content into my classes to keep my students engaged. The apps are easy to use, and I can even send out separate instructions for students with dyslexia and dysgraphia. I can also communicate more easily with my class’s other instructor and keep families up to date with the day’s activities.


ONE lets me keep up to date with all the activities they’re doing in class, and I can see a list of the day’s homework. I can clearly track my children’s progress and contact their teachers if needed. I get a notification as soon as the school publishes important information. During field trips, I never worry because I can follow along with the class’s progress and photos.


In class, I’m learning to write and publish texts and images. The interactive exercises and videos make it easier to learn my lessons. I’m also learning to protect and share my personal information. At home, I can show my parents everything I’m doing, and I can catch up on what I missed if I can’t make it to class.

We provide support

all year round


A full set of ready-to-use documentation, including how-to manuals, video tutorials, and pamphlets for parents. 


Stay inspired throughout the year thanks to ONE's feedback system and list of best practices.

Get off to a confident start

Make the rules for your network. From app access to communication rules, it’s you who decides.

Select your account upload method: Whether automatic or manual, choose the import method that suits you best.

Provide users access: Send out sign-in files with a single click through either print-outs or email.

Create your own content: Choose from the Blog, School Journal, Timeline, or more. Browse our latest posts for more inspiration!