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ONE Pocket

Mobile apps: What’s new and what to expect!

With our mobile apps, communication between school and families has become much simpler. Parents are well aware of how much the solution is helping, and visits to ONE Pocket and NEO Pocket have increased six-fold over the past two years. Today, more than 400,000 users sign in every day. That’s why our developers are constantly…

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Paris Classe Numérique: Renewed for Another 6 Years!

Paris Classe Numérique: renewed for another 6 Years!

Paris’ elementary and middle schools have chosen to continue their adventure with the ONE and NEO community. The city renewed…

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Multimedia notebook ONE

Thanks to its new simultaneous-editing feature, the Multimedia Notebook is now even more collaborative!

Multiple users can now edit a single Multimedia Notebook at the same time. And yes, Notebooks are now saved page…

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ONE and NEO at the BETT Show

The ONE and NEO Teams will be in London from Wednesday, March 29 to Friday, March 31 for the BETT…

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Bug Bounty ONE NEO

Cybersecurity: Open Season on Bugs!

Hire a team of hackers to hunt out any weak points in our software—sounds crazy, right? Well, not if they’re…

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2022 Wrap-Up: A Community, Team, and Projects That Are Constantly Expanding!

Now that another year has come to a close, it’s time for the traditional look back at all the highlights…

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Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension: A High-Stakes Issue in Both France and Mexico

In Mexico, 45% of the literate population over the age of 18 reported reading at least one book in the…

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