ONE is a simple, intuitive and secure online platform, centred on primary schools and open to all members of the education community. With its set of applications, you can access your work tools and resources anywhere, at any time. ONE is the first VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) designed for primary schools that takes full advantage of new web technologies.

This solution is the product of ten years of experience, dialogue with the Ministry of Education, the participation of two research laboratories (GRePS and LIRIS), two pilot regions (Caen and Versailles) and several local authorities that share our passion for digital technology and education. But above all, ONE is inspired and guided on a daily basis by projects in the field, in the classroom, with teachers.

Its perfect usability for primary school level and advanced navigation principles are a significant step forward. ONE offers different interfaces for each user type, simple and intuitive screens (limited depth of navigation, no drop-down menu) and natively adapts to your different devices (computers, tablets or smartphones).


Another major improvement lies in the very design of the platform. Though not immediately obvious, it is thanks to bold conceptual and technical choices that ONE can offer such an effective user experience and several brand new features (such as the Multimedia Notebook).

For example, the separation between client and server ensures total independence in terms of usability and graphics. The user experience is optimized and perfectly uniform in all ONE’s applications. The graph database and the data dictionary application provide ONE with flexibility and scalability as well as optimizing its performance, and are independent of the power supply. The range of applications allows for a very precise configuration of roles and authorisations, so that each region, district or school can tailor their project to their own vision.

Carry your school into the digital era – without becoming an IT specialist!