ONE Applications

ONE offers a set of learning, communications and content production applications which have been specially designed for ease of use at primary school level. Within each application, the features offered are simple, intuitive and easy for any user to handle.


ONE is a secure platform. To log in, each user has their own unique username and password. And that’s all you need! Find out more

The Class

Now, which one is Enzo? With the “Class” page on ONE, you have the list of pupils, teachers and other adults involved in the class at your fingertips. Find out more

Multimedia notebook

Want to make a travelogue or an illustrated collection of poems? The multimedia notebook lets you create content and adjust the layout just like in a paper exercise book. Find out more

What’s new?

Access to a new blog or a new file, a message received… the “What’s new?” page displays news and gives you one-click access to your content and resources. Find out more

Homework notebook

Would you like to plan and organise your pupils’ tasks by day of the week? Try the homework page. Find out more


It’s easy to store personal files and share those of your choice with other VLE users. Just use the filespace! Find out more


Write the school newspaper or share what’s going on in class with the blog! You can publish information easily from anywhere, and choose which readers have access. Find out more


How much is ONE being used? How many visitors have there been since 1 September? When do parents and pupils log in?  Find out all this and more on the Statistics app. Find out more


For VLE users, it couldn’t be simpler to send messages to each other through the mailbox, according to predefined communication parameters. Find out more


The directory lets you look up ONE contacts, just like in the phone book. Searches include all contacts registered in the VLE to whom the user has access permissions. Find out more

My account

Today I’m feeling… Each user has a personal space to update their mood and other personal information. Find out more


The export app allows users to export all personal and shared documents stored in the filespace in a compressed file (zip). Find out more

Partner services

ONE is a scalable solution, which uses the principle of connectors to offer external resources. These connectors can either be managed simply through an authentication process, or on a more advanced level by aggregating the data for the resource as widgets in the VLE.

Little Bridge

ONE provides a link to the Little Bridge online platform where you can discover hundreds of fun, structured activities and lessons for learning English step by step.

Blackboard Collaborate

Is your class part of a school twinning programme which you would like to make more of? Activate Blackboard Collaborate to use online conferencing and take part in joint projects, remotely.

Administrative features

Technically, ONE was designed with its users in mind. The VLE can be fully customised in terms of both functional scope and the extent to which the solution is deployed. You can also adjust rights and permissions settings very precisely for each user.

Class settings

Creating accounts, renewing passwords, enabling new services – teachers can manage the settings for their own class independently. Find out more

Manage users

Whatever their profile, each user involved with the school has a ONE account. User groups are created by default to facilitate dialogue and content sharing through the VLE.

Administration portal

The administration portal is like an “App Store”, providing a range of applications that can be customised by group or user category, and also allows the rules of communication between users to be defined.