ONE is an online platform provided by Web Services for Education, a French company specialised in ICT in education services and consulting. The company is run by its founders, Arnaud Albou and Olivier Vigneau, and 70% of its capital is held by its employees.


The company uses its combined technical, educational and organisational expertise to support local authorities, institutions, schools and all stakeholders in ICT in education through every stage of their projects, as well as offering innovative online services designed specifically for education. WebServices for Education has been given the “young and innovative company” label, and invests heavily in R & D for the acceptability of technology in schools and modular architectures in an open source environment.

Our team members have steadily honed their skills through work on major projects in three interrelated areas, all part of the rapid development of digital tools for Education: IT tools and solutions for schools (information systems for primary and secondary schools and universities, student management, school administration & registry activities, administration of the education system: regional school lists, resource management, statistics); portals (Virtual Learning Environments, development of online services, extension to parents and partners); and digital learning resources (content creation and management, changing economic models, accessibility).

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